We created a different kind of digital agency.

At Blue Bean we have always had a passion for helping small and medium businesses grow, and grow big! Why? Because in South Africa that’s how we can move forward, by growing together.

We absolutely love growing with our clients. Taking your budget, and turning on the marketing screws to extract the most value for you from it. We are focussed on fostering long-term relationships, which is part of the reason we barely accept ad-hoc work on our social media and websites. We are here to grow with you, for the long-term.

We cancelled an array of services that we previously offered, and focussed on three items that we absolutely excel at:
1. Websites
2. Creative
3. Paid media advertising

We converted our website pricing to monthly packages and we won’t accept social media work unless we know we can make a difference to your bottomline. How do we do that? We drop the vanity metrics. Instead we focus on producing more leads and sales for you. At Blue Bean we exist to help build our clients businesses, not only our own. We know that clients stay with us when we produce results that have a positive effect on their bottomline.

Because when you grow, we grow with you.